Fitting Chains

Chain Fitting

Fit chains at bays where you see the ‘Fit Chains Here’ sign. Always fit chains to driving wheels only. When required, four wheel drive vehicles should fit chains to front wheels.


Chain fitting bays are level and make fitting easier. If you don’t use the chain fitting bay you may find yourself in a lot of trouble. Chains are hard to fit on slopes, and you will obstruct other vehicles and snow clearing equipment. At all resorts you can be fined for not carrying and fitting chains as directed.

If it has not been necessary to fit chains when travelling to the resort, it is advisable to fit them upon arrival in preparation for the return trip.

It is quite difficult to fit them to cars covered

by snow.


Do not drive faster than 40kph.               Chain Fitting Checklist

•        Fit chains to driving wheels only;

•        Always test fit chains before a trip;

•        Fit at fitting bays on level ground;

•        If chains fall off or loosen when a vehicle is in motion, stop and check brake lines for damage before retensioning;

•        Keep speed below 40 kph;

•        Carry a torch, plastic garbage bag and gloves to make fitting easier;

•        Use correct fitting chains;

•        Tyres must be in good condition with

minimal wear;

•        The use of diamond pattern chains

is recommended;

•        After removing chains your cars handling may feel different. Take time to readjust your driving and take care!