2012 Season Passes

Adults ski – $85 per day on a 5 day lift pass

Saturday and Sunday – $185 all season long

A weekend in value season – only $146 and a 5 day pass is only $334


Mt. Hotham is known for many things. Among them is the powdery quality of its snow which in ski terrains is a stunning condition. The area holds the record for the most snowfalls in Australia. On top of that, due to the snow’s powdery quality every intermediate to advanced tracks rank alongside some of the best ski tracks in the world. Getting to Mt Hotham by road allows you to witness a whole lot of feast for the eyes as you pass by magnificent views. It is also possible to arrive directly on the resort by flying in. Along with the scenic nature is one of the most unique floras and faunas you can find in all of Australia such as rare possums, wombats, etc. There are a number of varied accommodations you can choose to suit your budget and comfort. What comes as an extra treat is how accommodations are situated above the ski runs where you can watch the action happening down below right at your very own housing. Mt. Hotham was used as grazing grounds for cattle before it was known to possess gold in most of its river valleys so which later became an outpost for mining. Then with a better means of getting to the location through newly developed railway and road systems, it began its development as an alpine tourist spot when skiing also flourished as a sport.


Riding Terrain: 320ha Grading of Runs: Beginner – 20% Intermediate – 40% Advanced – 40% Average Snowfall: 300cm Groomed Trails: 245ha


By Road Chains are required for any types of cars during the snow season. From major cities it can be just a few hours away: 1. Melbourne (4.5 – 5 hours) 2. Sydney (8 hours) 3. Newcastle (10 hours) 4. Adelaide (12 hours) 5. Brisbane (15 hours)

By Coach These services operate from major cities to Hotham: 1. Christina’s Bus Co 2. Hoys Mt Hotham Bus and Taxi Bookings 3. O’Connell’s Omeo Bus Service 4. Omeo to Bright Alps Bus Link 5. Snowball Express

By Air 1. QantasLink offers direct flights to Hotham Airport and the resort is just 20km away. 2. You can access Hotham Airport directly via chartering your own plane. Australasian Jets also offer personal flights to go directly to Hotham Airport for your own convenience. There are also Sydney, Canberra, Tasmania-based Charter Flight companies. 3. Rex, QantasLink and Virgin Airlines offer direct flights from many major Australian cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra to Albury Airport which is just a 2.5-hour drive away from Hotham.


BUS SERVICE Getting around Hotham is very accessible due to the free Village Bus Service that is being given along with the resort entry fee. Accessing nearby villages like Dinner Plain or Omeo can also be done via other bus services. There are many bus stops throughout the village and they usually operate from 7am to 3am.

CAR PARKING There are two different kinds of car park in the village. One is for day use only while the other is for overnight use. Once inside the resort it is highly advisable to park your car in its appropriate parking area. For further assistance you may contact the Resort Management Office.

LIFT There are 13 lifts to be used in accessing all ski terrains. It becomes operational usually at around 8:30 am and closes at around 5:00pm.


ACCOMMODATIONS 1. Chalets 2. Apartments 3. Lodges 4. Motels


SAFETY Full time and volunteer ski patrollers inspect and patrol the ski terrains all throughout the season. These patrollers are highly experienced and knowledgeable about first aid, the Alpine environment, search and rescue and other emergency services. Other ways to stay safe is to educate one’s self about the Alpine Responsibility Code.

PROPER ATTIRE There are two forces you need to protect yourself from. First is the cold weather brought about by the winter season so you’d have to wear warm and waterproof clothing. Wear a layer of clothes as much as is appropriate. It is also vital to keep other parts of the body that are prone to get very cold such as the hands and head warm, this can be done by wearing mittens for the hands and a beanie for the head or something like it. The second element you should protect yourself from is the sun’s powerful UV rays. Even amidst all the snow, the risk is actually higher since there will be less of an atmosphere to filter the UV rays on higher altitude. What can be done about it is to apply water-resistant sunscreen every 2 hours. A good one is within SPF30+. Protect your lips by putting on lip balm with SPF protection as well. At all times, it is advisable to wear a helmet and goggles when skiing to have a safe ski.


  •  Babysitter and Nannies
  •  Daycare
  •  Hair Design (tel #. 03 5150 8805)
  •  Pilates
  •  Real Estate 6. Ski & Sports Shops
  •  Spa


RESTAURANTS You can choose from a range of specialties from tapas to paella, steaks, pizza, and just a whole rack of beef as well as lamb with a mixture of seafood. There is a hint of European, Asian and authentic Australian cuisines paired with fitting wine.

CAFES Before going for a ski or after, there are a lot of delicious and healthy snacks to get revitalized on. There is espresso coffee, hot chocolate, milkshakes, delicious foccaccias, a wide selection of cakes, pies, and cookies. There is also gourmet deli like cheeses, pizzas, pastas, or the more conventional bacon and eggs. There is a wide selection of menus among the cafes within the area.

BARS They have a range of bars to experience and enjoy. The bars offer a great way to indulge on the best produce from vineyards or breweries within the region. Not only are the drinks the only things worth looking forward to but the fun activities that await at each bar. There could be live music to comedy night to darts nights and other games.



  •  Adult Lessons
  •  Kids Lessons
  •  MILO Mighty Mites (For 3 to 5 yrs)
  •  MILO Kids Club (For 6 to 14 yrs)
  •  Snow Safety Skills Programs



1. Scenic Chairlift One of the first things you might want to try is to get a chairlift ride that will offer the best views of the entire resort. It’s a great way to discover the resort’s layout and feel excited every time you discover a new place you’d want to go after the ride.

2. Cross Country Skiing & Biathlon Cross-country skiing in Mt. Hotham is for free and there are over 35km of it. At the Biathlon range, it is the only place in Australia where Olympic athletes train. There’s a lot of rush and beautiful sceneries to come by at Hotham’s cross-country trails.

3. Harry the SnowDragon 30 minutes of fun and a great time to bond with the entire family. The show features Mt. Hotham’s loveable dragon, Harry, as well as singing and dancing plus other activities. You just need to be at the venue because it’s free for everyone.

4. Fireworks Have a festive vacation with fireworks display. They are on schedule on different occasions along the season, if you check with their information center, you might be able to coincide it with your own vacation dates at the resort.

5. Snowshoe Experience the snow at your own leisure. Go slow and just walk because that’s what snowshoeing is about. Cruise around the resort at your own time. Relax and enjoy the outdoors.

6. Helicopter Scenic Flights Hotham has its own airport and helicopter tours can be arranged to go around the nearby high peaks of Australia, like Mt. Feathertop or Mt. Bogong. After skiing Hotham’s world-class powdery snow, taking a scenic ride from the top might also be an interesting thing to do.

7. Kids Snowmobile Rides For children under 14 years, they are given a mini snowmobile to zoom around and have the best snow experience. No need for any license and they will be supervised all throughout the time at $15 for 15 minutes.

8. Night Skiing Even when the sun goes down, the skiing and the fun don’t stop. It is an entirely different experience where the run is just lit and the ride is more thrilling. Night skiing price starts at $9 and ranges to $25.

9. Snow Grooming Tours Discover how snow grooming works in one of the snow grooming tours aboard their Kassbohrer. The ride is priced at $35.

10. Sparkling Sunset Tours The tour goes through a lot of beautiful spots like Crosscut Saw National Park, Mt. Buller, Mt. Stirling and many others. Plus you will get to experience that sunset 1861 meters high. It is priced at $15 to $45.

11. Sled Dog Tours Meet 5 adorable Siberian Huskies for the tour led by one driver. One thing that makes Mt. Hotham more unique is this 3-4km sled tour for one adult or two children. The price ranges from $65 to $115.

12. Snow Play and Tobogganing Mt. Hotham is known to be the powder capital of Australia because of the 300cm average snowfall it experiences every year. Tobogganing and snow playing in one of the world’s best places for snow is going to be a lot of fun.


1. Horse Riding Tour the resort and go horseback riding at the same time. Have a wonderful time going through colorful snow gum trees, wildflowers and vast grasslands. Sit back and relax.

2. Tennis Summer weather permits nice weathers to play an exciting game of tennis. Courts, racquets and tennis balls are available for hire.

3. Golf There are no less than 3 golf courses within Mt. Hotham which are Bright Golf Course, Omeo Golf Club and Tambo Valley Golf Course. One is an 18-hole golf course and the other two are both 9-hole.

4. Pilates If you’re idea of a vacation is a retreat and a way to have a better well-being then a few stretches might be what you’d also need. There are private and group classes available.

5. Fly Fishing Try fishing at a whole different level. It’s not called fly fishing for no reason. It is that time when the anglers go upstream and there are special techniques with a rod specifically designed for it that needs to be used. It’s a challenge and a bit of athleticism plus timing is required but could be worth the experience.

6. Whitewater Rafting There is 18km of exhilarating fun and adventure on Mitta Mitta River where the rafting occurs. There are different grades of rapids where it could be great for various groups of people like a family or with friends or with an individual who likes to experience rapids like the Grim Reaper or the Roller Coaster.

7. Bushwalking and Trails Hotham resort is full of nature and walkways that would let you get the best out of their magnificent sceneries. You will discover some amazing historical facts like its unique gold mining days or go through areas with amazing flora and fauna. Some of the different walks are the Cobungra Ditch Walk, the Huts Walk, the Self Guided Eco Walk and many others.

8. Huts of Hotham & Dinner Plain Get back in time by visiting the surviving huts that were built among the first ones in the area. Hundreds of huts were once built for miners, cattle graziers, tourists and skiers. Some of the huts date back to the 1920s such as the Dinner Plain CRB Hut, then there is the JB Plain Hut built in the 1940s. There are so many other huts to visit and discover what life was like before.

9. Cycling Go all out with excitement and try two different kinds of biking. There are a lot of trails for mountain biking, the cross country trails for skiing can double up as its trails during summer. Then there’s almost 55km of road cycling with around 4 major routes to choose from. Hotham also hosts cycling events such as the Hotham Challenge Ride.

10. Touring The tour involves going through vast areas of farmland valleys, near rivers, eucalyptus forests, oceanic views and many others. There are 5 major routes to choose from ranging from 10 minutes to 3 hours of travel, but all offering a titillating experience for all the senses as majestic views are witnessed, fresh and minty air to relaxing sounds of nature.

11. Picnic Spots A lavishing outdoor experience is dining outdoors with many locations available just within walking distance from your accommodation. The best of nature is literally at your doorstep and what its offering is a 360-degree view and a beautiful sunset. Take cover under a shady snow gum tree on a vast green grassland with your picnic basket.

12. Flora & Fauna You will encounter some of the most amazing floras and faunas. The resort hosts a number of threatened species like the Alpine Bog Skink and the Mountain Pygmy-Possum. It takes part in an environmental system that puts high importance in protecting the unique species within the area in which you might just luckily encounter.