Lake Mt/Marysivlle


2012 Snow Season

Mid Week Car Entry

$40.00 per car per day at gate
– $30.00 per car online purchase from Ticketmaster

Weekends/Public Holiday Car Entry/School Holidays

$49.00 per car per day at gate
– $40.00 per car online purchase from Ticketmaster

Motor Bike – $12.00 per bike per day at gate

Trailer – $ 12.00 per day at gate

Bus – $ 14.00 per person over the age of 5 years

School Concession $10.00 per Student – Teacher

Bus School concession- $10.00 (per student – teacher, mid week only. see notes below)

Vehicle Season Passes

Season Pass Gate Entry – Full and Restricted Season Entry Passes are no longer available.

Join the XC-500 Club and enjoy free entry year round. Full Details»

XC500 membership:

Adults – $13.50 per month for 12 months or $162.00, (Gate Entry and One Trail Season Pass)

Children – $7.00 per month for 12 months or $84.00, (Must be in a paying vehicle, plus one trail pass)

Family (2 adults and 2 children) – $38.00 per month for 12 months or $456.00, (Gate Entry for nominated car and Four Trail Season Passes)
-extra child – $6.00 per month or $72.

All Resorts Pass Monday to Sunday – $554.00

Early Bird All Resorts Vehicle Season Pass

– Monday to Sunday – $481.00

Note: Early Bird Prices Applies Until Friday 11 May 2012

Seniors (Pensioners)

No concessions for gate or trail on weekends

Midweek prices are $20.00 per car entry.
All occupants must be seniors.

Weekend prices are $49.00 per car entry

Midweek prices are $5.90 daily trail fees.


Just 120km away from Melbourne by only a few hours’ journey is Lake Mountain. It is popular among weekenders looking for an accessible way to have fun and start their adrenaline rushing from all the excitement. Not only is it the nearest resort from Melbourne but it’s also known to be reasonably priced. It is ideal for first time skiers and family vacationers so you can expect a busy outcome during peak seasons. It is one of the few resorts that offer a number of terrains for tobogganing, an activity that if done together as a family is loads of fun. There are different kinds of activities suited for different ages. Escape from all the hustling and bustling of city life and come to a place of retreat and pleasure. It was once a place used for grazing cattle until it was seen for its potential to be a resort during the 1970’s where a Nordic trail and a toboggan run was installed. The construction of a public road in the early 1920’s paved its way to becoming a resort especially that its location is nearest to one of the major cities in Australia.


Riding Terrain: 2400ha Grading of Runs: Beginner – 37% Intermediate – 34% Advanced – 29% Groomed Trails: 37km


By Road It is easier accessed through Maroondah Highway from Melbourne. It is also 20 minutes away from Marysville then almost an hour away from Healesville.

By Air There are direct flights or connecting ones coming in from major Australian cities or other countries vial Melbourne International Airport.




  •  Lodges
  •  Motels
  •  Self Contained Apartments
  •  Club Lodges
  •  Chalets
  •  4 star Hotel
  •  Bed and Breakfast
  •  Caravan Parks and Camps
  •  Cottages


  •  Bistro
  •  Conference Room
  •  Restroom Facilities
  •  Resort Administration
  •  Ski Hire and Retail Outlet
  •  Visitor Centre



1. First Timers Experience Price range: $44 – $151

2. Ski Lesson Package Price range: $54 – $70

3. Ski Hire Price: $35 per student

4. All Day Ski Orienteering Price: $85 per student



1. Snow Play Finding ways to enjoy the snow simply takes a step outdoors and play outside where there’s a lot of snow available. A few snowballs and a game of snow fight with the entire family or some friends become possible. At the resort, there’s a free snow sculpture competition during weekends.

2. Tobogganing A race of toboggan await for those hoping to have a weekend getaway at Lake Mountain. There are other free activities on weekends and school holidays that involve having a lot of fun in the snow.

3. Snowshoeing A perfect excuse to have a relaxing time outdoors together as a family, is snowshoeing at Lake Mountain. Basically, it’s just walking so there’s no extra skill needed, just an adventurous heart. Walking over a horizon of perfect whiteness is a good enough cue to explore more out of Mother Nature’s beauty, which Lake Mountain offers effortlessly. The resort has all snowshoe gear ready for rent so there’s no need to worry about the hassle of carrying all your equipment.

4. Fire and Ice Experience Experience a one of a kind tour as Lake Mountain delves into how nature can easily yield a beautiful snowy winter to a wildfire catastrophe in another season. It’s quite informative at the same time a nice experience as the guided tour will cover many wonderful sites within the resort. The tour price range starts at $35 to $126.


1. Mountain Biking Touring along the resort and its many wonderful sites mixed with a palpable way of exerting tension out can be easily done through mountain biking. It covers more area and is just very fitting since there is a lot to explore. Plus there is around 10km of trails solely assigned for mountain biking.

2. Road Cycling It’s an upward climb while going up to the resort so there is sure spectacular views to witness and many lookouts to pass by. Its 22km long so no need to worry about having a short ride.

3. Walking Lake Mountain doesn’t fall short on giving you nature with its vast area to have a walk. There are over 30km of walking trails with different difficulty levels from angled terrains to flat ones. So you can take things slower and enjoy each panoramic view at your own pace. Some of the beautiful views range from the Victorian Alps, the Great Dividing Range and so much more.

4. Picnics Summer is ideal to have a picnic. Picnic paired with vacation, there would be no best location like Lake Mountain. Places like the Arnold Gap or Cascades are lush with trees and other summer colors.