Mt Buller


Mt. Buller is celebrated by Snowsports aficionados for its 300 hectares’ worth of skiable area. One of its perks comes in the form of a 400-meter vertically descending ski run. It’s also just 208 kilometers away from Melbourne approximately 3 hours’ drive to the resort. It is known among vacation-goers who can’t wait to get out of the city and indulge in their much-deserved outing. You will meet many snow-enthusiasts so it is the place to be if you want a lively vacation filled with fun and adventure. However this won’t interfere with your vacation plans since its lifts are capable of moving 40,000 people per hour where the usual population on the fields is only around 10,000. Within the months of June to September two children under 15 years of age, accompanied by two sharing adults, can stay no less than free within the resort along with other establishments taking part of the program. The resort is already well-established offering a range of services and accommodations such as luxurious hotels and apartments, fine dining restaurants, a cinema and nightclubs. You can no doubt say it can be a mixture of thrill, education, and relaxation.


Riding Terrain: 300+ha Grading of Runs: Beginner – 20% Intermediate – 45% Advanced – 35% Average Snowfall: 2-3m Groomed Trails: 80km


By Road

The type of cars allowed entrance at the village is limited so please do inquire first. It can be accessed through Hume or Maroondah Highway via Melbourne. There is a fee to be paid upon entering the resort at Mirimbah, near Mt. Buller’s base.

By Coach

These services operate from major cities to Mt. Buller:

  •  Altitude Tours Day Trips and Transfers
  •  Alzburg Resort Day Trips and Transfers
  •  Australian Pacific Touring (APT)
  •  Extragreen Holidays
  •  Mansfield-Mt. Buller Bus Lines
  •  Mee’s
  •  Mt. Buller Ski Express
  •  V/Line

By Air

Different Airline services either have direct or connecting flights to Melbourne from other Australian cities.



  • Lodge
  • Hotel



Mt. Buller’s safety involves 11 full time ski patrollers and around 25 volunteers. They ensure that all ski areas are suitable for skiing as well as prevent or mark hazards by inspecting problematic areas or encouraging skiers to wear a helmet at all times. For any assistance and especially emergencies, they can be called upon to help.


To fully enjoy the resort during winter season, proper attire should be followed. What this involves is using waterproof pants and jackets or overalls, using ski goggles or sunglasses, using waterproof ski gloves or mittens, using a woolen hat or beanie, having warm underclothing, and using sunscreen as well as lip balm. Waterproof overalls or outer garments can be rented in some shops in the village.


  •  ATM
  •  Chapel
  •  Childcare Facility
  •  Cinema
  •  Internet
  •  Medical Centre
  •  Museum
  •  Post Office
  •  Real Estate
  •  Rental and Retail for Skiing Gear
  •  Spa
  •  Sports Central
  •  Supermarket


RESTAURANT You can go a la carte or fine dining choosing among modern Italian, rustic European or Asian style cuisine. No matter which one you choose, why don’t you have superb wine along with it, there are restaurants in Mt. Buller that can guarantee you with that. CAFÉ Café menus in Mt. Buller go along the lines of gourmet pizza, home-style dishes and palatable country style meals. It’s easy to spot one before going off to ski where you will be met by a relaxed atmosphere and friendly service. BAR Some cafés or restaurants double up as a bar, extending its great service all the way to the early hours of the morning. You can look forward to a relaxed night of having specialty beer or wine coupled with tasty dishes like pizza, pasta, or sandwiches.



  • Discover Lesson (For 3 to 14yrs) Price range: $30 – $57
  • First and Second Time Skiers or Snowboarders (For Children and Adults) Price range: $73 – $104
  • Private Lessons (For Children and Adults) Price range: $125 – $635



1. Night Skiing After the sun goes down, the skiing doesn’t stop. The lights just turn on, and the ski trail becomes alive again. It’s an entirely new experience that you shouldn’t pass up. On a night so clear, it’s almost like you racing with the stars. Night skiing occurs every Wednesday and Saturday. Priced at $21.

2. Scenic Chairlift Explore the entire resort by riding on one chairlift to another. Take a mental note to the places you want to go first or places you never want to miss. Price starts at $13 and ranges to $56.

3. Skiing Mt. Buller caters to all levels of skiers, with a bit more intermediate terrains compared to advanced or beginner.

4. Snowshoeing Discover the resort on foot. Loosen all tensions by snowshoeing to more subtle parts of the mountain and come across your own special moments with nature. There are also more conventional ways of experiencing it such as taking part in the different snowshoe tours available like the Buller Vista, Buller Sunset, and many others.

5. Snow Tubing Experience sledding down a slope riding on an over-sized rubber tube. You won’t be thinking about anything much because you’ll be too busy having fun as you glide and spin your way down the snow tubing channel. It could be loads of fun or it could be the adventure you’ve been waiting for.

6. Snowboarding Mt. Buller has an excellent beginner’s lesson. What’s more it is conveniently close. However, it has some versatile snowboarding areas as it offers terrains for different levels.

7.Telemarking Telemarking has been revolutionized with the new gears available to make it more user-friendly but still present an interesting challenge for those who want to brave the outdoor adventure. Gears are available for rent at a number of ski shops within the resort.

8. Tobogganing This is one of the classics, don’t go home without having tried one of the perfectly groomed terrains of Mt. Buller for tobogganing!


1. Museum If you’re wondering how it all started, you will probably have a clue here. It showcases the evolution of different snow gears starting from its wooden counterparts to snowboards from the late 80s. You will see a variety of photographs, gears, clothing, publications, and many others. It might be a treat for the eyes and the soul as you discover their stories.

2. Alpine Spa Retreat Be restored to full health by soaking into hot pools and warm steam. Ease those tensions by getting a fulfilling massage.

3. Arts & Artifacts Mt. Buller knows its art well. There are sculptures and signs of artworks all over the resort that expresses its involvement with the arts. Take a tour and meet the works of many skilled local artists. You may find a brochure about Arts and Artifacts at the Post Office.

4. Cinema You won’t have to worry about not catching the latest films while on vacation. Movies and vacation is such a perfect match. Not a bad time to cozy up and relax with friends or family on their 180-seat cinema. Prices range from $9 to $250.

5. Gnome Roam One of the things that make Mt. Buller different from other resorts is its mystical village of gnomes. Popular among children, it’s a case waiting to be solved where in order to catch a glimpse of them it involves a quest to go from one point of hidden location to another. There’s a Gnome Roam handbook available at the Post Office that might serve as a guide.

6. Gymnasium There is Yoga and Pilates being held regularly at the gym. There is also a full time Fitness Instructor available to assist in your fitness needs. So even when you’re on vacation there’s no need to feel guilty over indulging a little more to delightsome palates than usual. Prices for use at the gym start at $11 to $250.

7. Sports Hall The sports hall is suitable for many ball games. There are two courts and they are rentable for a game of basketball, soccer, tennis and many others. It also holds other activities like archery or trampolining. Use of equipment ranges at $40 to $131.

8. Laser Strike Time to let out the inner striker in you and head out for a friendly combat fight against comrades located at the indoor sports hall. The war-torn cities that could only seem real through your computer monitor is transported as inflatable walls that serve as the game’s barricades and obstacles. It will be an intense closed quarters shoot out. Price range at $20 to $30 for the game.

9. Scenic Helicopter Flights View Mt. Buller and Mt. Stirling from the top. Enjoy nature at its best.



Price range: $29 per vehicle but becomes Free after snow season


Price range: $8 – $518


There is a total of 25 lifts within the resort. It starts its operation at 8:00am and ends at 5:00pm.


Adult Season Pass Prices

Winter Season

Platinum Pass: $ 1500
Mid Week Pass: $ 800
10 day Flexi Pass: $ 800

Tertiary Season Pass Prices

Winter Season

Platinum Pass: $ 1050

Child/Secondary/Over 65 Season Pass Prices

Winter Season

Platinum Pass: $ 750
Mid Week Pass: $ 500
10 day Flexi Pass: $ 500

New pass options available in 2012

With the introduction of RFID technology at Mt Buller this coming winter there are some new flexible passes at competitive discounted rates. In addition to the popular all season Platinum Pass there is now a Mid-Week pass and also a Ten-Day
Flexi Pass.

These new passes are called B-TAGS. Your B-TAG is your access to the mountain, securely holds your data and makes
it quick and easy to skip queues and forms and is easy to update online whenever you need to.