Mt Stirling


Price range: $8 – $554

LIFTS There are no lifts within the resort.


If you’re looking for a place to be one with nature and experience her at her prime, the perfect place is Mt. Stirling. The resort’s main attraction is its preserved state of wild expanse great for camp outs paired with skiing. If not for tents or refuge huts, the nearest accommodation is 30 to 45 minutes away at Mt. Buller or Mansfield. Living it out in the wild is the taste that you will get either during winter or summer at the resort. Facilities and services are all located at a central building to cater all skiing needs and lessons. It’s been one of Australia’s prominent ski resorts known for its quality cross and back country tracks. At the mountain’s summit you will encounter a majestic 485-year-old Snow Gum tree, which is what Mt. Stirling’s logo is based on. It was declared by the Victorian Government to be an all-season, nature based tourist sight on 1997. But before that its Alpine Ash forests were depended on for the sturdy supply of timber while at its summit, it was used for grazing cattle. So take your adventurous side by the hand, ease your tensions and take in the pureness of white at every glance during winter season in Mt. StirlingWINTER FACTS Riding Terrain: 68km Grading of Runs: Beginner – 20% Intermediate – 60% Advanced – 20% Average Snowfall: 1-2m


By Road Its 3 hours from Melbourne and can be accessed easily by its nearest town, Mansfield. From Mansfield, follow the road leading to Mt. Buller’s until the gateway toll at Mirimbah where there’s a left road to Mt. Stirling, a path way that could lead to approximately 8km.


AVAILABLE ACCOMODATIONS 1. Alpine Camp or Tent 2. Refuge Huts



Mt. Stirling is appreciated for its entire width of natural expanse. In order to enjoy the resort to its full extent safety and what it entails should be prioritized. The resort has an entire Ski Patrol team that oversees all activities on the trails. A few things to remember is to bring an updated map of the trails and to be prepared of sudden weather changes. Another thing in cases of emergencies, try to bring a whistling device at all times to give out a distress signal of three long blasts at one minute interval when placed in a dangerous situation. It might be a good idea to educate one’s self about the Alpine Responsibility Code before going out as well as informing a ski patroller that you’ll be heading on for a ski.

PROPER ATTIRE To prepare for the changing cold weather during winter time at the resort, bring as well as wear several layers of warm and waterproof clothing. Proper attire also consists of protective covering for the head, eye gear and gloves.

SERVICES 1. Equipment Hire (tel #. 03 5777 6441) 2. First Aid Centre 3. Visitor Centre


SKI SCHOOL They offer varied classes from first timers to beginners up to advanced. It could come as a group or private lesson. Their range of lessons cover all cross country and especially back country skills. Back Country lessons include useful knowledge on how to battle it out with nature such as how to properly navigate the Back Country areas, alpine weather prediction, and avalanche awareness plus a whole lot more. Pricing for the lessons start at $35.



1. Snow Boarding One of the resort’s perks is being able to snowboard at its Back Country terrain for intermediate and advanced levels. Lessons are available if you feel like you need to hone your skills first. So get your gear ready to slide down those naturally perfect terrains.

2. Snow Camping There are several locations suitable for a snow camp out to experience the most authentic alpine experience. The fun can be multiplied as there are snow camping tours available where you’d still get to experience the wild side but without having to worry about anything.

3. Snow Play Mt. Stirling is about having the entire package of alpine experience including snow play. Getting down to the basics, it’s a great place to just fully enjoy the snow. The wonders of snow present a lot of activities to do aside from skiing or snowboarding such as one of those classical things to do with the entire family like a snow ball fight or snowman building.

4. Snowshoeing There is a lot to explore in Mt. Sterling. Through snowshoeing, no need to learn any extra skill, it’s basically walking. Snowshoeing gear is available for rent at your convenience. It’s one of the activities you can look forward to.

5. Telemarking The resort has a variety of off-piste terrain for intermediate to advanced Back country telemark skiing. Experience Free heel skiing at one of the most suitable terrains to try.

6. Tobogganing Any snow experience wouldn’t be complete without tobogganing. There are a few slopes for tobogganing at the resort. Toboggans are rentable at $10.


1. Bush Walking

Mt. Stirling is a naturally beautiful place, no matter which season it is. Going for a vacation in this place is better done without having to worry about anything other than concentrating on having a wonderful time. Take things slowly by exploring the vast woodlands of snow gum trees and other scenic views especially at Mt. Stirling’s summit at your own walking pace. Guided tours are also available.

2. Camping

Mt. Stirling is known for its camping grounds. The mode of accommodation here is subdued to preserve its natural beauty. It may be one of the best camp sites there are, at a higher altitude the air is guaranteed to be fresh along with some colorful snow gum trees.

3. 4-Wheel Driving The resort offers a smart way of enjoying the alpine forests and other surrounding environments that are equally majestic through special 4WD off road buses. They offer day tours with experienced guides that will directly show you worthwhile spots and make it a worthwhile journey.

4. Mountain Biking During winter, the resort is an excellent ski terrain. But during summer, it is especially fitting for mountain biking. The different terrains offer variations and levels of difficulty that include challenging features and obstacles.

5. Horse Riding Escape to nature and one other way of doing it is by horseback riding. Horses are such special creatures, it might be an extraordinary experience for you. There are also guided tours available by local horsemen where you can choose many destinations.

6. Outdoor Education Mt. Stirling has hosted as well as given a true outdoor education experience for organizations, school groups even corporate groups. There is a mixture of camping, environmental and geological education as well as alpine history input with a lot of fun activities on the side utilizing the resort’s facilities.

7. Fishing There are several locations that fishing can be done in Mt. Stirling along the Delatite, King and Howqua River Systems. It is one of the locations in Australia that is really well-preserved so fishes are always nice and fresh.