2012 Winter Pass Pricing

Skier & Boarder Lift Pass Only

09 – 22 June 2012 & 03 September – 01 October 2012 MORE** Value Season
Price Range: $ 39 – $499

23 June – 02 September 2012
Price Range: $ 39 – $661


A Year of Access to:

•      Thredbo activities and adventures

•      Winter 2012 lift access

•      Thredbo Leisure Centre pool & waterslide, gym, sports hall, and squash court

•      Unlimited access to scenic chairlift rides

•      Thredbo Bobsled

•      Thredbo Golf Course

•      Tennis

•      Save 15% on retail items and ski, snowboard equipment and clothing hire


Price range: $55 – $1,450 (for more info )


Gives Access for Up to 7 days of:

•      Unlimited scenic chairlift rides

•      Limited Thredbo Bobsled rides

•      1 round of once a day golf

•      1 hour of once a day tennis

•      Unlimited access to the Leisure Centre pool & water slide

•      Once a day access to the gym or sports hall

Price range: $25 – $274 (for more info )



Thredbo is known to having some of the longest and most angled ski runs. It is situated near one of the highest summits in the world and Australia’s highest mountain, Mt. Kosciuszko. If you can afford a couple of hours’ walk, the 360-degree panoramic view at the top of the mountain is yours for the taking.

You can enjoy a mixture of Australian and European influence in the accommodation, cuisine, and other facilities available at the resort and surrounding village, with a vibrant nightlife, just at the foot of the mountain. The place is well-connected by lifts to readily access any skiable terrain.
Thredbo’s potential to be a ski resort was discovered at around 1955 by a ski instructor. Work was begun on developing the resort by 1957 and within five years a 100-bed hotel and ski lift was built. The initial development cost to around 30 million dollars increasing its available accommodations, developing a snowmaking system, and 55 years later to a fun-filled Thredbo that it is now.


Riding Terrain: 480ha

Grading of Runs:

Beginner – 16%

Intermediate – 67%

Advanced – 17%

Permanent population: 200

Average Snowfall: 2.02m

Groomed Trails: 67ha


By Road

Chains may be required for 2-wheel drives during heavy snowfalls. For more inquiries regarding road conditions, contact 132 701.

From major cities it can be just a few hours away:

1. Canberra (2.5 hours)

2. Sydney (5 – 6.5 hours)

3. Melbourne (5.5 – 7 hours)

By Coach

These services operate from major cities to Thredbo:

1. Snoexpress – contact no. 1800 642 112

2. Greyhound Australia – contact no. 1300 473 946

3. Murrays – contact no. 13 22 51

4. Snowlink – contact no. 1800 451 575

5. Snowscene Express – contact no. 1300-766-911

6. Ski Kaos – contact no. 02 9908 8111

7. Oz Snow Adventures – contact no. 1800 851 101

8. Transborder Alpine Express – contact no. 02 6241 0033

9. Snow Alliance – contact no. 1800 280 121

By Air

1. Aeropelican Air Services offers flights from Sydney to Snowy Mountains Airport. Bookings can be made online or through phone. Then there are direct shuttle services that drive to and from the airport, contact number (02) 6452 4455.

2. Qantas and Virgin Blue Airlines offers flights to Canberra Airport from major Australian cities. Then shuttle services can be accessed at the airport to Thredbo.



It goes through the entire Village up to Friday Flat to make going around convenient. The buses have external ski racks to place ski equipment. A free shuttle bus operates during winter and is available until 9pm. Grab a guide for all the possible routes and stops.


There are over 2,500 parking spaces available and different accommodation types also provide designated parkING areas however almost everything is within walking distance so there won’t probably be any need to use a car in getting around the village.

There is overnight parking near Friday Drive, and then there is day parking that operates from 7am to 7pm at Friday Flat. Illegal parking is heavily discouraged with a usual fine of $152 for everyone’s safety and for regular road snow clearing.


Lifts become operational at 8:30am and ends at 4:30pm. There is a total of 14 lifts available.

Price range: $16 – $770



1. Lodges

2. Motels

3. Self Contained Apartments

4. Club Lodges

5. Chalets

6. YHA

7. 4 star Hotel

8. Bed and Breakfast



Thredbo has 23 Professional Ski Patrollers and a range of volunteer Patrollers of up to 80 people. They are responsible for a number of duties like patrolling the weather, ski areas, giving assistance to skiers and many others. They are always ready to help when you ask for their assistance.


It’s not much as a dress code but for your own protection it is best to stick by standard snow clothing. You can wear a turtleneck, sweater and jacket in layers. Protect your hands from getting frostbitten by wearing gloves or mittens. Protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses or goggles and to keep your body temperature stable protect your head by wearing a hat, beanie, etc. Try to choose clothing that is made of water and wind-resistant fabric.


1. Banking

2. Car Repairs (tel #. 02 6457 6234)

3. Child Care(tel #. 1300 020 589)

4. Church Services

5. Conferences

6. Doctor & Medical Care (tel #. 02 6457 6254)

7. Health & Relaxation Places

8. Information Center at the Village

9. Internet Access

10. Post Office(tel #. 02 6457 6888)

11. Property for Rent (Lodgings or Shops)

12. Ski & Sports Shops (Price range: $150 – $20)

13. Venue for Events



Thredbo’s taste of cuisine offers a mixture of traditional Australian country themes to distinct European or International cuisines in the form of fine dining specialties to gourmet pizzas, salads and pastas with the additional natural expanse of breathtaking mountain views and an award winning service. It is also known for its 80 different flavors of Schnapps you can choose from. Most of the restaurants are family friendly making a great place for a family holiday.


There are lots of cafes serving great coffee so before heading out to  ski you might want to grab a bite to eat first and warm yourself up with a latte or hot chocolate.  Kebabs and Turkish burgers can also be found within the vicinity. No extra charge is needed to go on a picnic with BBQ facilities available to be used within resorts or parks.


There is plenty of night life at Thredbo with venues opened to early hours of the morning. There are a number of bars and hotels within the area that offer cocktails and live music nightly, starting from 10pm onwards.



Thredbo Snow Sports offer a range of classes from group to private lessons in a couple of hours to an entire day. Their lessons may also differ according to the skier’s level of skill from beginners to advanced being offered by highly skilled instructors. Prices range along $63 to $1850.



1. Skiing and Snowboarding

There are many available terrains available for beginners to advanced ski levels. The resort both offers cross country and back country terrains with over 67ha of groomed trails.

2. Twilight Riding

The night sky is something else to enjoy especially on a clear sky and crossing paths on a moonlit snow-covered path.

3. Flare Run

During peak seasons, flare run and fireworks display are only some of the activities to enjoy on a weekly basis.

4. Mountain Biking

Explore the resort and nearby village, take in the relaxing and inspiring scenery. It’s easier done with a mountain bike and bike hire is available daily.

bike hire is available daily, so you can cruise around the village or take on the hills and head up the Cascade Fire Trail via Dead Horse Gap

5. Thredbo Leisure Centre

Loads of activities are available.. A 50m heated swimming pool, water slides and an inflatable floating obstacle course are great entertainment too.  There’s a squash court, indoor sports hall ready for different kinds of ball games and a fully equipped gym that doubles as a venue for healthy classes being offered like Yoga and Pilates.

6. Self-guided Walks

There are many informative walkways available  to be cruised at your leisure. There’s the Heritage Walk that shares Thredbo’s fascinating history. Catch a relaxing scene by walking near The Thredbo River through the Golf Course Walk. For more nature-trekking, walk by Alpine Ash in Bridle Loop Trail or Pipeline Path that offers other breathtaking views. There are other walks as well, like the Art Walk or Environmental Walk.


1. Bobsled

Feel the rush of wind and adrenaline on this simple yet still irresistibly fun ride. Price ranges within $7 to $92 offering a minimum of 3 rides.

2. Chairlift

One of the easiest ways to enjoy the natural sceneries of Thredbo with its distance of 1.8km, rising 560 meters high. Good for 15 minutes the ride ends at the closest point to Mt. Kosciuszko. Price ranges from $14 to $80.

3. Climbing and Abseiling

Aside from skiing down high vertical plains, ski resorts like Thredbo offer different heights and mountains fit for climbing and abseiling, perfect for cutting edge mountaineers and adventure seekers. Prices start at $9 and range to $160.

4. Daytrips Around the Mountains

There are established routes around the mountains that offer a purposeful trip especially for people wanting to experience more  nature and Thredbo’s culture and heritage.  You can explore Murray 1 Power Station that informs you about Thredbo’s environment and electricity supply while staying course at the Kosciuszko Alpine Way. For more scenic spots or a chance of animal sight-seeing with excellent picnic areas there is the Thredbo to Berridale course and the Thredbo to Khancoban. As you may also well know, Thredbo has its very own distillery for making fruit Schnapps available for tours and visits. There are many interesting places worth visiting you can find more by visiting the Thredbo Information Center.

5. Fishing

Thredbo River is the place to be for fresh trout, it is open for fishing. You may need a fishing license though, which is available from Thredbo Sports. If you don’t know how, learning to fish is also being offered along with all necessary fishing gear for rent. Prices range from $70 to $400.

6. Golf

Thredbo’s golf course offers many challenges and is a nine hole course. Prices range from $47 to $360.

7. Horse Riding

You can opt to save your energy and experience a breathtaking tour around the resort on horse back. Rides range from beginner strolls to overnight camp outs that are sure to take a more adventurous route a exploring the Australian Bush at its best. Prices start at $98 to $725.

8. Kids Activities

Thredbo caters to all levels of fun, including those that are aged 6-12 years. There are many activities in store including a “Kids Club Night Adventure” which will not only be loads of guaranteed fun but quite informative as they will be doing different activities and hunting for possums, wombats, and many other night creatures. There is also a day of fun being offered near the pool area such as waterslides an inflatable obstacle course. These are just some and many other kids’ activities waiting to be experienced. Prices start at $8 to $37.

9. Mountain Biking

There are many trails to explore and an easy way to do it is through mountain biking. All gears are ready to be rented on a daily basis.

10. Mt. Kosciuszko

This is Australia’s highest mountain standing at 2228 meters at the peak. There is a whole lot of view to look forward at the top, and the closest lift is Thredbo’s Kosciuszko Express Chairlift. Near the summit is Kosciuszko National Park which is a place abounding with exceptional species of flora and fauna including those that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

11. Thredbo Leisure Centre

See Winter Activities for full details.

12. Tennis

Four tennis courts are available for use from 7am until 10pm. Prices range from $21 to $31.

13. Walks

Going for a walk on a lovely summer’s day spells out unwinding and being one with nature. Thredbo with its scenic views is perfect for a walk. There are many routes to take, there are also tour-guided ones that will give you the best scenes and interesting facts along the way. One known tour is the Kosciuszko Summit a guided walk to the highest mountain of Australia. Then there is Kosciuszko Sunset, that takes in the majestic sunset and beautiful landscape under a blanket of stars on the way back.